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Take all the classes you want for 10 days, no strings attached.

We are so confident that you will love our classes that we allow you the time to try everything before you decide to make our dance studio your home.  

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**Limited Quantity Available
***Our E-deal is for 10 consecutive days


Passionate and Fun Staff

We know that Learning Salsa or Bachata should be fun, so we emphasize engagement and a good time to maximize your experience with us.

Supportive Instructors

Let's face it, learning to dance can be intimidating for some, so we take the approach  of teaching from a coaching perspective so you get the support you need to get results.

Management with a heart to serve 

Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that allows our students to thrive in during the process of learning salsa and bachata with us and our Staff is trained with this in mind.

Innovative Class Material 

Looking for the hottest patterns? Look no further because this is one of the things  that Casa Salsa is known for, creative and unique class material every week!

FREE training on mobile

When you redeem your e-deal and take your first class, we don't send you home empty-handed, we give online training for 10 days to maximize your time with us, and it's FREE!

A Proven Method

Casa Salsa is the 1st Latin Dance Studio in Broward County and has served over 100,000 students, and counting, developing some of the best dancers and instructors in South Florida. 

New Student Deal


We are a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about teaching people how to dance! To us, everyone is a dancer, we just have to learn how to tune into and tap into that potential!  Our highly trained instructors specialize in beginner through advanced levels.

We have innovative workshops, amazing group classes, world class private instruction, challenging performance teams, and a culture that is fun, embracing and passionate!

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Dance Instructor Angie


Dance Instructo Scott


Dance Instructor Andres


Dance Instructor Yadira


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Beginner Salsa @ 7pm            
Intermediate Salsa @ 8pm
Advanced Salsa @ 9pm

Kids Hip Hop @ 4:30pm
Kids Latin @ 5:30pm
Zumba @ 6:45pm
Beginner Bachata @ 8pm
Intermediate Bachata @ 9pm

Beginner Salsa @ 7pm            
Intermediate Salsa @ 8pm
Advanced Salsa @ 9pm

Beginner Salsa @ 7pm            
Intermediate Salsa @ 8pm
Advanced Salsa @ 9pm

Kids Hip Hop @ 4:30pm
Kids Latin @ 5:30pm
Zumba @ 6:45pm
Beginner Bachata @ 8pm
Intermediate Bachata @ 9pm

Beg/Int Bachata @ 3pm
Beginner Salsa @ 4pm
Intermediate Salsa @ 5pm

Zumba @ 10am

What is the "E-Deal" all about?
What do I wear? What shoes do I wear?
If I bring a partner, can I dance with him/her the entire class?
Do I need to bring a Partner?
I have danced Salsa before, can I just come to Intermediate or Advanced Salsa class?
I want to schedule a private lesson, how do I go about that?

I'm glad you asked! With the Ultimate 10 you will only pay $10 on your first class, and you will have 10 days in a row to come in and try any beginner Salsa or Bachata classes, as well as Zumba classes! It’s like $1 a day! The first day you come to class and use your Ultimate 10 promotion is your first out of 10 consecutive days..

Anything comfortable is fine, jeans & a tee or if you are coming from work that’s ok too. The only shoes we do not recommend are flip flops or shoes without a back (so you don’t slip or slide).

FOR ZUMBA CLASSES: Wear workout clothing.

For sure! We encourage you to rotate in class but you can bring your partner and just dance with him/her,  make sure you let the instructor know before class begins..

Not at all! During our classes all of our students keep rotating, so everybody gets a chance to dance and practice!

We would recommend you come in for the beginner class so that the instructor can evaluate you and approve you for the next level. If you don’t belong in the beginner class, you won’t stay there! The instructor will approve you for the next level as long as you have the basic fundamentals down for the previous level class..

Excellent choice! Give us a call so that we can schedule that for you! We will check our schedule availability and hook you up with one of our amazing instructors!

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11322 W State Rd 84
Davie, FL 33325

(754) 900-7744

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